Our Mission

Being a part of imperial Russia for three hundred years, Ukrainian science have been poorly integrated into the global scientific process, and even now organizationally modeled according to the principles of the long-defunct socialist state. As a result, Ukraine has virtually no legislated, effectively working scheme of commercialization of scientific results. Vast majority of scientists do not cooperate with commercial firms and are oriented only on public funding.

UkrLabs, relying on its experience, considers its mission as integration of Ukrainian science into Western science. At the same time, funds raised through contract research and through research in the form of outsourcing will contribute to the research potential of our country and allow conducting world-class research, attracting and retaining the most talented Ukrainian scientists, training the new generation of researchers.

UkrLabs and its academic partners use their whole experience of cooperation with Western commercial and scientific institutions to expand cooperation with Ukrainian private sector, which leads to creation of high quality jobs and economic growth in Ukraine.

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