Anna El’skaya, Аcademician, NAS of Ukraine

Anna El’skaya is currently Head of the Expert committee on biology of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and Vice-President of Ukrainian Biochemical Society. She is also Head of the Scientific Council of IMBG and Head of the Scientific Expert Group for the “Fundamentals of Molecular and Cellular Biotechnology” Program of NAS of Ukraine. Anna El’skaya is Editor-in-Chief of Journal “Biopolymers and Cell” and editorial board member of Journals “Ukrainica Bioorganica Acta”, “Bulletin of Vavylov Society of Geneticists and Breeders of Ukraine”, “Ukrainian Biochemical Journal” and “Biotechnologia Acta”.

The scientific activity of Anna El'skaya is mainly focused on fundamental problems of genome expression on the translational level and molecular mechanisms determining its efficiency and accuracy. Other research area of her activity is elaboration of novel analytical systems, bio- and chemosensors, on the basis of different electrochemical transducers, biological objects, synthetic biomimics and molecular imprinted polymers. Numerous international grants, wide cooperation with advanced laboratories in Japan, France, Germany, Great Britain and Italy, fruitful participation in key scientific meetings can be considered as an evidence of world acknowledgement of priority and importance of her scientific achievements.

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