Surface Modification

Laboratory of Surface Modification

Laboratory of surface modification is active in development of scientific base of gas phase methods of nanosized silica modification with non-volatile compounds as well as in synthesis and in study of hybrid fillers for polymers of industrial and medical applications. 

Research Services: 
  • Development of gas phase methods of adsorption;
  • Chemical and polymerisation modification of nanoscale silica by non-volatile organics of low and high molecular weight (including bioactive compounds) under pseudoliquefied state conditions and mechanical activation;
  • Geometrical modification of nanosilica by mechanical treatment.
  • Combined chemical-adsorption modification of disperse oxides with methacrylate containing olygomers and silicon-organic substances for design of hybrid fillers for polymers of industrial and medical application.
  • Design of combined products comprising nanosized containers of “core-shell” type by successive adsorption modification of nanosilica with bioactive substances and polymers.