Surface Chemistry

Laboratory of nanosized and porous systems

Research Services: 
  • Development of methods and technologies for synthesis and regeneration of porous silicate and alumosilicate materials, in particular, methods for synthesis of known zeolite adsorbents and catalysts from Customer's mineral raw materials (kaolin, jadeite, field spar etc.) for large-scale production of such zeolites; design and compex testing their catalytic and sorption activity in laboratory conditions;
  • Determination of optimal conditions for adsorption removal of pollutants from liquids and gases using specific sorbents (in particular, Customer's sorbents), development of scientifically-grounded recommendations regarding pollutants removal, recommendations regarding sorbent selection;

Laboratory of Surface Modification

Published date: 
Jun 13, 2016
Research Services: 
  • Development of gas phase methods of adsorption;
  • Chemical and polymerisation modification of nanoscale silica by non-volatile organics of low and high molecular weight (including bioactive compounds) under pseudoliquefied state conditions and mechanical activation;
  • Geometrical modification of nanosilica by mechanical treatment.
  • Combined chemical-adsorption modification of disperse oxides with methacrylate containing olygomers and silicon-organic substances for design of hybrid fillers for polymers of industrial and medical application.
  • Design of combined products comprising nanosized containers of “core-shell” type by successive adsorption modification of nanosilica with bioactive substances and polymers.