Oxides and Composites, Composites of Medical Application, Adsorbents, Powder Materials

Laboratory of Nanostructured Oxide Materials and Composites

Laboratory​ of Nanostructured Oxide Materials and Composites is active in synthesis of nanostructured oxides, modified nanooxides, industrial and medicinal adsorbents, heterogeneous catalysts, fillers for polymers, composite materials, cryogels, drug delivery systems, nanostructured metals and metal salts supported onto carriers, hydrophobic powders and functionalized coatings.

From 1986 our researchers have published 4 books, 30 chapters in collective books, 10 review articles and more than 500 original papers, and obtained 32 patents of Ukraine, Russia, USA, Germany, and USSR; 2 DSc and 10 PhD theses were defended.