Screening Methods

Laboratory of Bacteriocins Biology

Research Services: 
  • Phage biology (screening, isolation of pure stable genetic lines, identification of phage life strategy);
  • Bacteriocins biology (screening for high-level producers,  developing approaches for high level induction);
  • Phage and bacteriocins concentration and purification facility (ultra-speed and gradient centrifugation, ion-exchange chromatography);
  • Long-term preservation systems for phage products;
  • Identification and analysis of phage virion and genome structure (restrictions mapping, PCR, virion protein range, gross phage morphology via transmission electron microscopy, HPLC);
  • Bioinformatic analysis and annotation of complete phage genomes;
  • Recombinant DNA techniques for target phage proteins.

Laboratory of Computer Modeling

Research Services: 
  • Virtual high-throughput screening using structure-based (molecular docking) and ligand-based (QSAR, pharmacophore modeling) approaches;
  • Identification and analysis of binding sites;
  • Structure-activity relationship (SAR) analysis;
  • Computational studies of drug-receptor interactions;
  • Hit identification and optimization;
  • Hit to lead optimization;
  • In silico ADME predictions;
  • Molecular dynamics of proteins, nucleic acids, extra large heterogeneous systems;
  • Design of target-focused compound libraries with high affinity to the molecular targets (our compound collection contains about 200,000 organic compounds which are immediately available for screening).