Laboratory Protein Biosynthesis

We investigate molecular architecture, function and cancer-related features of the translation elongation factor 1 complex, as well as the spatial structure, expression, post-translation modifications, regulation and functions of the normal and proto-oncogenic isoforms of translation elongation factor 1A (eEF1A).  We are well equipped for chromatographic isolation of native proteins, Nothern blot, PCR and Western blot analysis of gene expression. We have essential expertise in design and production of the proteins of interest in bacteria and baculovirus systems and site-directed mutagenesis of these proteins.

Research Services: 
  • Bioinformatic analysis of a protein of interest.
  • Modelling and analysis of protein structures, molecular docking.
  • Production of the proteins in bacteria and baculovirus systems, site-directed mutagenesis of proteins.
  • Isolation of preparative quantities of fully post-translationally modified oncogenic isoform eEF1A2 of mammalian translation elongation factor and its non-oncogenic paralogue eEF1A1.
Area(s) of expertise: 

Higher eukaryotic translation, prediction and analysis of protein structures by bioinformatics approaches, large-scaled isolation of mammalian proteins by biochemical methods, production of the proteins in bacteria and baculovirus systems.

Specialized labs and equipment: 

Chromatographic equipment, cell-culture facilities, 2D electrophoresis apparatus, PCR machine, equipment for protein and RNA gel-electrophoresis, immunoblotting facilities, centrifuges etc.