Laboratory of Biosynthesis of Nucleic Acids

What the lab/facility does: 

We offer research solutions in any field of molecular biology. Our PhD level experts provide scientists with technical assistance at any stage of project development: from the literature analysis and bioinformatics till “wet” experiment. Our lab combines a long history scientific expertise with the best international standards in mind to resolve unmet needs in biomedicine research. Whether you need to outsource a specific project, our lab can provide you with quality and timely technical services.

Research Services: 


  • Analysis of differential gene expression (DGE) using publicly available databases;
  • Microarray and next generation sequencing data analysis;
  • Gene expression clustering;
  • Kohonen’s maps
  • Gene and protein sequence analysis and alignment;
  • Phylogenetic and evolutionary studies;
  • Homology modeling;
  • Anti-sense oligos and primers design.

Other services

  • Prokaryotic and baculovirus protein expression systems;
  • Affinity chromatography of proteins;
  • Eukariotyc cell lines;
  • Lentivirus-mediated stable transfection;
  • Immunoblotting;
  • Immunostaining;
  • Immunoprecipitation;
  • qPCR;
  • Cytotoxicity screening.
Area(s) of expertise: 

Development of custom algorithms to analyze massive array data, identification of genes differentially expressed in tumor and normal tissue using large-scale array data, functional characterization of oncogenes/tumor suppressor genes, chemoresistance of tumors to conventional drugs, chromosomal instability, biological receptor agonists and antagonists, tumor-targeted nanoparticles, immunotherapy, oncolytic viruses, cytotoxicity screening, design and screening of effective combinations of anti-tumor compounds.

Specialized labs and equipment: 

Name of equipment

Description of function

Computer cluster

   Access to the cluster of the Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics NAS of Ukraine

Computer software







Gene expression analysis, Classification Tasks

Homology Modeling

Molecular Visualization

Molecular Dynamics

Molecular Dynamics

Lab equipment


New Brunswick CO2 incubator,

Babcock class II hood,

AnalyticJena Telaval 3 microscope

Mammalian cell lines facility

Biometra vertical electrophoresis system,

Biorad criterion blotter,

Biometra gorizontal electrophoresis unit

Nucleic acids and protein electrophoresis and blotting facility

Biometra personal thermocycler


ChemiDoc system

Gel documentation system

3130 Applied Biosystems Genetic Analyzer


HisTrap columns

Protein purification