Environmental Technologies and Related Services

Environmental Biotechnology Group of the Laboratory of Extremophilic Microorganism Biology

Research Services: 
  • Theoretical calculations for identification optimal microbial process targeted wastewater treatment;
  • Development microbial methods for treatment of multi-component industrial/mining drains containing toxic metal ions, synthetic organic compounds;
  • Development microbial processes targeted reduction the concentration of soluble organics in municipal/industrial wastewaters;
  • Improving efficiency of existing microbial waste treatment process;
  • Microbial processes of food waste recycling (pre –treatment, aerobic/anaerobic digestion);
  • Microbial processes targeted biofuel production from food waste (biogas, biohydrogen, liquid biofuels);
  • Optimization microbial processes of biogas production;

Bioprospecting Group of the Laboratory of Extremophilic Microorganism Biology

Our team has 15-years experience of field works and microbiological sampling in extreme environments with the use of mountain-climbing and speleological sampling techniques:

  • Participation in 7 Antarctic season expeditions (2001-2011);
  • Rock cliffs and coastal area of the Dead Sea, rocks of Negev Desert, Israel (2011);
  • Hypersaline environments of Pomorie, Bulgaria (2012);
  • Highland rainforest, Equador (2013-2014);
  • Karst caves, Ukraine (2015-2016).

The laboratory possesses collection of over 300 bacteria and yeast strains with unique properties isolated from extreme environments.

Research Services: 
  • Microbiological sampling in extreme terrestrial environments – cold, desert, highland, cave;
  • Identification of extreme ecosystem that can be a source of bacterial strains for industrial application;
  • Microbiological counts, isolation and identification of bacteria of C, N, P, Fe, metal cycles;
  • Screening of extreme environments for bacteria, yeast and fungi producing bioactive substances – pigments, enzymes, antibiotics;
  • Isolation of aerobic/anaerobic strains possessing potential industrial application;