Protein Modeling

Full range of protein modeling: Protein variability analysis, Protein structure analysis, protein secondary structure prediction, Protein disorder region prediction, Protein fold recognition, Protein modification analysis, Ab Initio protein spatial structure prediction, Protein spatial structure quality evaluation, Protein spatial structure correction, Protein domain prediction.

Laboratory Protein Biosynthesis

Research Services: 
  • Bioinformatic analysis of a protein of interest.
  • Modelling and analysis of protein structures, molecular docking.
  • Production of the proteins in bacteria and baculovirus systems, site-directed mutagenesis of proteins.
  • Isolation of preparative quantities of fully post-translationally modified oncogenic isoform eEF1A2 of mammalian translation elongation factor and its non-oncogenic paralogue eEF1A1.

Laboratory of Computer Modeling

Research Services: 
  • Virtual high-throughput screening using structure-based (molecular docking) and ligand-based (QSAR, pharmacophore modeling) approaches;
  • Identification and analysis of binding sites;
  • Structure-activity relationship (SAR) analysis;
  • Computational studies of drug-receptor interactions;
  • Hit identification and optimization;
  • Hit to lead optimization;
  • In silico ADME predictions;
  • Molecular dynamics of proteins, nucleic acids, extra large heterogeneous systems;
  • Design of target-focused compound libraries with high affinity to the molecular targets (our compound collection contains about 200,000 organic compounds which are immediately available for screening).